migration notice: a small obituary for this blog


NOTE: all our archives have now migrated from Marxclub to Obsolete Matter; any post not found here, will be there.

The passing of one year and the approach of another seems like an appropriate occasion to mark “time.” And though we, on this blog, have been keen to interrupt accounts and experiences of the linear passage of time, just this once, we succumb to the logic of the calendar. For a number of reasons, Marxclub is giving way to a new destination under the title Obsolete Matter. Rather than think of this migration as a “break” (Althusserian Marxists of the world unite!,) we want to think of it as the continuation of a journey – from one kind of materialism to another; from materialism to matterialism.

For those of you who have kindly followed us by mail, you can update your subscriptions (if you wish) at our new address.

We hope to see you there in the new year, where new fissured apocalyptic dreams will greet us and tenderly sing us to sleep.